New module: school photography

As additional module we now offer school photography, set according the Belgian privacy law.

How does it work?

Per school you create an album and in that you create a subalbum per class.
In each subalbum you upload the photos of that class. Automatically unique passwords are linked to each photo. You can link separate photos (if it's one person) and choose a class picture.

Once it's all set correctly, you can generate a pdf where the first photo is shown per student and the instructions how to place an order. You can personalise the pdf with your logo and contactdetails.
You hand that pdf to the school and with the photo they can give the correct password to the right student. This way the student and/or his parents can order the photos.

For the school board, there's a separate login so they can see the orders and/or check off who's already paid when payments go through the school.

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